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The Pros and Cons of Privacy Fences

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If you’re like a lot of homeowners, you have probably thought about building a fence around your property. In fact, in the United States alone, zoning committee experts estimate that 80% to 90% of the applications they receive are for privacy fence installation. However, like any home improvement project, fence installation comes with both pros and cons. Here’s what you should know.

The Pros of Fences


Fencing around your yard can give you some much-desired privacy. It can be difficult to enjoy a meal on the deck, a swim in the pool, or a backyard birthday party when the whole neighborhood is watching. There are also numerous fence types to choose from that can give you complete privacy or even partial privacy. You can go with a six foot tall wood fence if you want complete coverage.


Many people choose fence installation to keep criminals out and keep their loved ones in. Burglars are less likely to attempt to break in if you have a tall, locked fence around your home. Children and pets will be kept safely inside the boundaries of your yard if you have a fence. You won’t have to worry about them chasing a ball into the road or roaming far from home.

Sound Reduction

Fencing professionals will tell you that fences can provide all sorts of barriers to your home. Depending on the type of fence you choose, you can create a sound barrier, a safety barrier, or even a line of sight barrier. If you live near a busy road, a tall enough fence can keep out the traffic noise. If you have a messy neighbor, you can block the view with a simple chain link fence and some climbing plants. A fence company can help you decide what kind of material would suit your situation best.


If you think that you might want to sell your home in the future, fencing can actually make your home more sellable. Fences are a desirable feature to many homebuyers and can even increase your curb appeal and asking price.

The Cons of Fences


Like any home improvement project, installing a fence can have disadvantages. Sometimes, an overly tall fence can obstruct your view. If you find that you want the safety features, but want to be able to see the rolling hills or trees around you, you can always opt for an intricate iron fence or ivy-covered walls. A partial fence may even be a possible solution.

Neighborhood Unrest

Unfortunately, a fence installation could upset your neighbors. You should speak to them beforehand, and listen to any concerns they may have. You may not realize that you could be obstructing their view, harming their landscape, or even making them feel unwelcome. Whatever the case, try to strike a compromise so that both parties are happy.


If you’ve never shopped for fencing before, you might suffer from sticker shock when you start looking. Some fence types can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of it. Wood fencing can be anywhere between $17 and $24 per linear foot. You may need to think about fencing a smaller section of your yard or going with a less expensive type of fence if the cost is an issue. However, keep in mind that the value you’ll add to your property may offset the initial costs of installation.


Depending on the material you choose for your fence, maintenance can be time-consuming. If you go with wood, plan on cleaning, staining, or painting more frequently than you would if you were to go with other types of material. Mowing can also become cumbersome because you will probably need to use a trimmer to get close to or even between the fencing. If you live in a rural or wooded area, you may end up with damage from wildlife that try to get in. However, fence maintenance is relatively minimal in comparison to other kinds of home upkeep. For many homeowners, the benefits make the maintenance worthwhile.

If fencing around your home is something you want — whether for safety, curb appeal, or privacy — talk to the professionals first. You will probably find that the pros outweigh the cons, but you will want to choose the right material and installation type to suit your home, family, and budget. For more information, please contact us today.

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Why Your New Fence Requires Expert Installation

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Installing fencing looks a lot easier than it is. Many homeowners think that there isn’t much that goes into fence installation, but that’s not at all true. From selecting the material to knowing how deep to bury the fence posts, there’s a whole lot that goes into designing the right fence for any property. It’s essential that you choose the right fencing material and have it installed the right way to get a boundary for your property that’s not just beautiful but highly practical. When you need a fence, get the expert installation to get a fence that’s going to last you for a lifetime and continue to improve your property for many years to come.

Turn to Fencing Professionals for Expert Installation

A fence can greatly increase your property value, but it’s absolutely necessary that your fence looks beautiful and has sturdy construction. Expert installation is the best way to get a fence that not only looks great but one that will last for many years. You need to use a fence company that can help you with every single stage of your fence installation, rather than attempting to take on this project yourself. There are lots of fence types out there and lots of ways to install fencing. Only professionals know them all and can advise you properly on the fencing material and design that will suit your property best.

When it’s installed, a fence can bring a 65% return on your investment. In other words, the money you spend on expert installation will actually be returned to you when you go to sell your property. A fence gives your property a big boost in terms of value. The right fence contractor will help you choose the right fence to increase your property value and help you get the return on your investment that you absolutely deserve.

Finding the Right Fencing Solutions

Finding the right fence contractor is the first and most important step of getting the expert installation you need to get the right type of fence for your property. There are many different fencing companies to choose from, but you need to make sure you find the fencing professionals who will do the best possible job. How can you be sure you’re getting high-quality expert installation?

To find the right fence contractor, you need to do some research. Look for contractors and fencing companies that are close to your property. It’s always best to start your search close to home and then cast a wider net if needed. Once you identify some companies nearby, take a look at their websites. If they have a professional website that offers a lot of information, you’re on the right track. Good fencing professionals will have a solid online presence. You should look for features on the site such as insurance information, as well as information bout the different fence types that are best-suited to your geographic region. After all, not all fencing materials are suited to all areas of the country. For example, wooden fences can suffer from serious weather damage in coastal environments where there is a lot of salt air. Wood fences in these areas need a lot more maintenance and upkeep. A good fence company can talk to you about the various fencing solutions that work best in your area.

You should also do some research outside the fence company’s website. Look up the company name to see their rating on the BB and see customer reviews that have been posited about the copay in question. Real customer reviews will give you a great idea about whether or not you’re hiring the right fence contractor to get the expert installation you need for your property. Do a little research and do your homework, and you’ll end up with the expert installation that’s necessary for you to get the right fencing for your home.

Of course, if you’re looking for a quality fence company, we’re here to help. For more information on our services, please contact us today.

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Which Fence Types are Best for Your Application?

fence types

Fences are a very popular feature on many different types of properties. Fences are such a popular feature that zoning commission agencies report that 90% of the applications that they receive are for privacy fences. Fence types come in a wide range of options that can complement your property, protect your property, and provide privacy.

A professional fence company can help you to decide which fence types are perfect for your application. Fencing professionals have the skillset and the expertise to help you choose the right fence for your home.

What Function Do You Need from Your Fence?

People choose fence installation to meet a variety of needs. What are you hoping to get out of your fence? Do you want to simply establish a boundary? Do you want more privacy for your outdoor spaces? Do you want to improve security?

Each of the fence types can meet a specific need. For example, a wood privacy fence can add privacy to your backyard space while increasing home security. A wrought iron fence can enhance pool safety without blocking the view.

A professional fence installation company can review your options with you and help you decide which fence types are going to work best for you. Different fence types can provide:

  • Low to no maintenance
  • Protection from intruders
  • Easy division of spaces

Today wood and metal is not your only option for fencing. There are composite materials that are available that are durable, long-lasting, and require no maintenance. Composite fencing materials can be the ideal solution for the homeowner that wants a great fence but does not want to deal with the maintenance.

Protect Your Property

Many people choose a combination of fence types to best protect their property and keep costs down. For example, you can have a privacy fence for the front and sides of your property, and a chain-link fence at the back of the property. Combining fence types can be an easy way to get the function that you want out of your fence while keeping costs down.

Create Ideal Spaces

Your local trusted fence company in Tampa can help you to easily divide your property up into separate spaces to create space for play, the pets, the pool, and more. Fencing can be the solution for so many applications in your outdoor space.

Learn more about fence types, fence installation, and fence financing today.

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Great Fencing Requires Expert Installation


Great fencing can increase property value, add privacy, and give anyone a defined space. But bad fencing can be a huge eyesore and a big problem. It can even be hazardous. Fencing that hasn’t been properly installed may fall and cause damage to surrounding plants and structures. It’s important to work with a good fence company that can provide expert installation. They can also help you pick your fencing materials, fence design, and fencing extras that you’re going to need in order to create the boundary that you want to have.

Why Fencing Requires Expert Installation

Fencing is not merely cosmetic. It also serves an important purpose: keeping people out and keeping pets in. Your fencing surrounds all or part of your yard, which makes it the main feature of your property. Everyone sees it an everyone notices it, which means that it needs to be installed properly. A fence that is uneven is going to immediately make your property look terrible. It doesn’t matter how great your home looks from the outside or how beautiful your landscaping is. If you have a bad fence, it’s going to make everything else look bad, too.

Expert installation will ensure not only that your fence is placed evenly so that it looks beautiful. Experts will also make sure that each post of your fence is buried deep enough in the ground to stay stable and secure. Weather, bodies, and animals may batter against your fence. It needs to be securely placed and highly stable to withstand these common stressors. A fence that is not installed properly will break and bend under these common, regular pressures. Fencing must be secure for it to last and to continue looking amazing.

There’s another great reason you want to turn to fencing professionals. They can advise you on the type of fence you need and the best possible placement for your fencing.

What Fencing Solutions Do You Need for Your Property?

You can expect a 65% return on your investment when you have fencing installed on your property. But you will only get a return that big if you have your fence installed properly and you choose the right type and placement for that fencing. Contact a fence company to have them check out your property and consult with you on the specific fencing solutions you need.

There are many different types of fencing to choose from. Depending on where you live ad the look you want, this is a huge factor. If your fence is primarily decorative and not needed for privacy, for example, you may be looking for something as simple and elegant as the classic white picket fence. Chances are, you want your fencing to provide privacy. A good privacy fence may be built in wood or aluminum. What type of fencing material do you need? That all depends on how much maintenance you want to do and the weather in your region. A wooden fence, for example, must be stained frequently in order to seal t against weather and wear. However, an aluminum fence must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its good looks.

Talk to the fencing professionals about the type of fence you need and where it should be placed. They can check your property and even use special equipment to determine what may be underground, so they can avoid areas where placing a fence may be especially tough or labor-intensive.

Good fencing makes all the difference. Start with a good fencing professional, and you’ll get exactly what you need for your property.

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Fence Installation for Your Florida Home: The 3 Factors to Consider

Vinyl Fence

A fence is a practical and decorative investment. It helps define your property and protect your home against intruders, whether they’re burglars or wild animals. A fence can also enhance the curb appeal of your home, depending on the style and materials you use.

Before you begin the fence installation in your Tampa home, you need to know certain factors to prevent future problems with the property feature.

Be Familiar with the Building Laws

Fence and property line laws exist in your local area. In Florida, for instance, homeowners may build a fence to determine the boundary of their property, especially for adjoining landowners.

Erecting a boundary fence is not a requirement for landowners in the state though. If you decide to build your own, however, don’t expect the adjoining owner to share the cost with you. You may only split the expenses if you have agreed to do so and signed a contract to support that agreement.

Permit requirements in Tampa depend on the material of your fence. According to the Construction Services Division of the local government, you don’t need a permit if your barrier can be disassembled right away and if it doesn’t come with components of a pilaster-type fence. You’ll need one if the structural integrity needs verification through inspection and plan review.

The Average Cost of Building a Fence

The cost of fencing a yard varies based on different factors, such as materials, region, and dimensions. On average, you may spend about $2,550.

Working with a professional may reduce the cost of your project. The price-per-foot can decrease if you’ll need more length. There are manufacturers, as well, that give discounts to professionals that retail buyers like you can’t get.

In case you need a permit for your project, its cost may also vary based on your location. It can range from $20 to $60. Your local community may also require you to prepare other permits that can add to your overall expenses.

Choose the Materials that Suit Your Home

There are a variety of fencing materials to choose from, including wood, wire, and metal, among others. Wood is the most popular fencing material. With proper care, it can last for a very long time. Wood materials also come in different varieties, including cedar, pine, and redwood, among others.

Wood is an excellent choice for inexpensive yet durable fencing. A wood fence works well in giving your home privacy. Regular maintenance, however, is essential to ensure the appearance and longevity of the barrier.

If you prefer using metal for your fence, you may opt for aluminum for an attractive and lightweight option. This material doesn’t rust so it can last for a long time. Another option for metal is wrought iron, which doesn’t only provide superior security, but also enhances the aesthetic of your home.

When choosing the material for your fence, consider a style that suits your home. Our team can you find the right fence for your property. Our skilled and experienced fencing professionals can also install the barrier. We can handle different fencing projects, including aluminum, wood, chain-link fencing, and more.

Contact us today for more information.