Best Fence Options for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is not fun for anyone, but homeowners especially have concerns about the soundness of their structures if they live in a hurricane zone. When you have or need a fence, it’s essential that you look for one that can withstand the extremes of a hurricane. According to U.S. zoning committee experts, about 80% to 90% of zoning applications are for outdoor privacy fences. You want to make sure your fence solution can stand up to the harshest weather, including high, strong winds and damaging rain.

Fence Posts

Concrete posts are the way to go as part of your fencing solutions. The concrete gives your fence more stability making it hard to pull down the fence during high winds and heavy rain.


Trellis fencing solutions, especially when combined with concrete posts, are a great option. Plus, they have a pleasing look. They are a great barrier to wind and hold up well to the highest winds. The gaps in the trellis allow for a good amount of wind to come through, which reduces stress on the fence.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh fencing solutions are great for security and windy areas. Wind moves through the wire mesh enough that it does not pull down the fence, but it also acts as a good windbreaker.


Aluminum is another excellent fencing solution for your home. It’s durable and intended for harsh weather and climates. It’s maintenance-free and will not suffer from extensive deterioration over time. Aluminum fences that have been double coated in polyester powder are stronger than baked-on enamel finishes. You don’t have to sacrifice design or appearance when selecting an aluminum fence because there are a variety of options. In some cases, you can find decor to add to your fence to improve its appearance.

When you are in need of fencing solutions to protect your home from a hurricane, consider these options. It would be best if you also considered the weather conditions where you live. For example, if you live in an area that has high humidity, you want a fence that can stand up to those conditions.