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Fencing: When to Repair and When to Replace

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A high-quality fence is a critical part of any home and needs to be kept in great shape to keep you and your family safe. But when you notice damage on your fence, should you replace it entirely or get it repaired? Here’s what you need to know about this process.

Time to Repair

You should always try to repair your fence if only a tiny portion of its surface has been damaged or if most of it can be saved with simple spot repairs. For example, if you have a wood fence with a portion affected by termites, you don’t have to throw away the whole fence and get a new one. Instead, you can install replacement pieces to get the high-quality look that you want and deserve.

The same is true of other types of fences, like vinyl, which may suffer from cracks in its surface. If you see cracks over a tiny portion of your fence, you don’t need to invest in an inexpensive total replacement. Instead, repairs can help save you money and save your fence. And as for aluminum or metal fences, you need to watch out for damage like bent posts and dents and replace and repair minor damage as it occurs and before it worsens.

Time to Replace

It’s time to call a fence company for replacement if your fences suffer from much more severe damage. For example, experts say that replacement is a good idea if more than 20-30% of your wooden fence is damaged. At that point, the cost of repairs will be so high that replacement is just easier to handle. And when your vinyl posts are damaged, your whole fence will need to be replaced to keep it as stable as possible.

You should also call a fence company if your metal fence has experienced extensive damage or rust, including widespread bent posts. This problem occurs if your fence suffers from extreme weathering damage and must be replaced to avoid issues. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who can help. After all, the fencing repair and replacement industry currently employs about 270,455 people in the country, meaning that there should be more than enough professionals to help.

Get the Fence You Deserve

Ensure that you call a fence company you can trust to handle all of your repairs, finding a team who is expertly chosen and balanced to manage your needs with minimum difficulty. Doing so will ensure that your fence stays strong for years to come.

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How to Maintain Your Vinyl Fence


Having the right security measures in your home is necessary to take care of your family and belongings. While there are several security measures to consider, fencing keeps your family and belongings in and outsiders out. The effectiveness of the fence installed depends on the type and material used. Vinyl fence is among the best you can use in your home. It is durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. So, how do you maintain your vinyl fence?

Fix Damages Immediately

Unlike other types of fences you can use for your home, the effectiveness of vinyl fencing depends on the efforts put in fixing the damages. You should fix broken rails or any post that is loose in the ground as soon as you make notice. You should know installing fences makes it possible to get up to 65% return on the investment made on your home, which makes it beneficial to consider constant maintenance.

Remove Mildew

After winter, you should check underneath the rails and the fence panels as the chances of finding mildew are higher. It is crucial that you remove the mildew on time before it affects your vinyl fence. Cut overhanging tree branches to allow sunlight to reach the posts and reduce the chance of mildew growth. To effectively get rid of mildew on your fencing, use a solution of warm water and laundry detergent. Rinse well afterward.

Clean the Vinyl Fence Regularly

When it comes to cleaning vinyl fences, you will have an easy time. This is because, with a garden hose, you can remove the accumulation of leaves, dirt, and papers on the panel. Remember that to get the best of your vinyl fencing, consider regular cleaning. When you maintain a higher level of cleanliness, creating the right ambiance for your home becomes easier.

Conduct Regular Inspection

It is through regular and thorough inspections that finding faults and damages on your vinyl fencing becomes possible. Take your time and walk the land or the compound while inspecting the fence’s stability. Make a schedule on when to walk the land, do the inspections and carry out the repair and maintenance services. With regular inspection, you can mitigate the damages and reduce the operational costs in your home.

With the right fencing, you get to create boundaries that, in turn, protect your family and belongings. You should, however, install the right fence to have peace of mind. Vinyl fences are among the best in the market, but without maintenance, they can prove ineffective. Following the above tips helps you meet your goals with ease.

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What to Expect During an Expert Fence Installation

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You have finally moved into your new home and decided it’s time to get a fence. Or perhaps your old fence is falling apart and you need a change. Either way, it is time to start searching for a fencing company that can guarantee an expert installation.

Fences are an excellent way to add more privacy, create a safe area for your kids and pets to play, or make your home more secure. While it can be a fun and exciting endeavor, you need to ensure that you get it right the first time. Improperly installed fences can be hard to rectify, leading to a loss of money and time.

Here are is a guide to give you an idea of what to expect during the expert installation process.

1. An On-Site Estimate

First, you may need to determine the purpose of your fence. Understanding why you need the fence may give you an idea on the materials and fencing contractor for the job. The fencing professionals can then make a site visit to make measurements of the area you wish to fence. You can also discuss the materials to use and the different fence types available. Request to see an itemized quote that can help you determine if you are getting value for your money.

2. Pre-Installation Prep Activities

Once you settle on a contractor for your expert installation, you can move onto the next phase, where you prepare the land for fencing. You may need to reach out to utility companies to determine whether any lines will be affected by the installation.

Additionally, you may need permits in a certain jurisdiction. Inquire with a Tampa fence company, as they have a responsibility to notify the utility companies and the local planning department. Most reputable contractors will handle all the paperwork for you.

Request to have a written contract with all agreements in place before the construction can begin. The fence company can then order the materials needed. For custom fencing solutions, the contractor can start preparing the components.

3. Installation

After settling the preliminary works and contract signing, the fence contractor can then begin the expert installation works. The company will start with the drilling of holes to fit in the posts. Fencing posts play a vital role in the stability of your installation, and you need holes deep enough to anchor your fence more firmly. Depending on the project’s scope and size, you may need to find a fencing company with a crew large enough to complete the project within the agreed period.

4. Results

Once the fencing is done, you can sit back and enjoy your new expert installation. You can now rest assured that you have a steady and secure fence lining up your property. Take time to discuss with the contractor about maintenance tips and schedules for your fence type. Besides, most fencing companies offer guarantees on their materials and services. Ensure that the warranty options reflect within the written contract.

Time to Have That Fence Installed

A fence is an excellent way to add security and privacy to your home. It can also help improve your curb appeal as well as the value of your property. If you are searching for fencing professions for an expert installation on your property in Tampa, feel free to reach out to Family Fence Company of Florida, Inc.

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How to Maintain Your Wood Fence


Having a wood fence comes with numerous benefits that generally evade other types of fences, from its natural aesthetics that allow it to blend seamlessly into the environment to its low installation cost. In addition to this, wood fences also help reduce wind flow by about 50%, making them an essential addition for properties in wind-prone areas. Unlike other fencing, wood fences can also last for as long as 15 years, with the 20-year mark being a possibility. This will, however, require you to adopt proper maintenance practices. Below, we discuss some maintenance tips for wood fences.

Clean Your Fence

Wood fences can harbor various elements over time, with the most common being mildew and mold. While these may not be a typical health hazard, their presence will lower the aesthetics of your property. To prevent the accumulation of such materials, make it a point to adopt a regular cleaning schedule. Wood fencing requires specific cleaners, which is what you need to utilize. Soak your wood in this cleaner, after which you can scrub it or use a pressure washer to wipe the cleaner off.

Check for Underlying Issues

While doing your annual property check, walk around your fence and check if any issues call for repairs or replacements. If you notice any loose nails, place them back with a hammer or replace them with new ones if they show signs of rust. Check if your fencing shows any signs of rotting, and where present, replace them with new panels. Overgrown vegetation could also weigh down your panels, so be sure to trim off any unwanted bushes around your fence. Lastly, check if your sprinklers are close to your fence. Watering your fence during your daily sprinkling session will discolor your wood panels, with the excess moisture accelerating rotting. Ensure that your sprinklers are placed at a safe distance away from the fence.

Spruce Up Gray Fences

If your wood looks gray, consider reviving it back to life rather than replacing it entirely. For this, you will need a power washer to remove the old gray skin. Ensure that your washer falls between the 1500-2000 psi mark to allow you to eradicate the old skin. After this, wait for your fencing to dry and apply an exterior wood oil stain. The oil stain will help preserve your new wood layer, helping it maintain a fresh appearance for the next couple of years.

Paint and Reseal

The paint on your fence may help you achieve your desired color theme on your property, but it also acts as an essential water repellent. If you notice that your water no longer flows down on your fence but rather soaks in, it is time to repaint and reseal. The best time for this will be after you clean your fence, with the ideal waiting period after a week. Let it dry completely, and then repaint or reseal it.

For more information on how to keep your wood fence looking new all year long, consider reaching out to professionals for assistance.

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4 Types of Fencing And Their Weather-Resistance

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Recently, it’s once again become increasingly clear that we need to weather proof our homes as much as possible. In some cases, this is going to mean adding shutters and wind-resistant windows to your home. But what about the first barrier that severe weather meets when it encounters your house? What about your fence?

Fences can be a strong part of protecting your home from severe weather. The issue is really deciding on the right fence contractors, as well as the right fence types in general. Below is a quick guide to different fencing solutions and how they can protect your home from severe weather. Remember: with solid wood fencing cutting wind flow by as much as 50%, you can’t afford to not take advantage of fencing options.

1. Wood Fences

Perhaps one of the main advantages of wooden fences is that they come in a wide variety of different styles. Therefore, it’s easy to find a wooden fence that corresponds with your home’s general design aesthetic. Additionally, most fence contractors are able to install wood fences fairly easily.

The only issue with wood is that, though it is wind resistant, it generally requires a good amount of maintenance. Wood needs to be resealed whenever it is newly sanded or repainted. Additionally, it also needs to be touched up following major storms, as the paint and sealant covering wood fences can be worn down even as the wood itself remains strong.

2. Vinyl Fences

A lot of fencing professionals recommend vinyl fencing to those who are most concerned about keeping their homes protected from the weather. It’s rather affordable, and durable as well. Typically, their maintenance is limited to being hosed down or given a quick scrub. The material will typically only break if it’s directly impacted by flying debris. This means that as long as your fence contractor is careful when installing it, a vinyl fence should be strong enough to rely upon.

3. Metal Fences

Needless to say, metal fences are meant to last. Aluminum is known for withstanding rusting, and though steel does rust, galvanized steel will still last for a long time. Generally speaking, salt can cake up on metal fences and cause some issues over time, and sand can degrade it. But this is a strong, sturdy alternative to vinyl and wood fencing that you shouldn’t overlook.

4. Chain Link Fences

Like typical steel fences, chain link fences are the strongest and most resistant to rust if galvanized. They’re more affordable, and as long as they’re properly constructed and installed by professional fence contractors, they’ll last a significant amount of time.

There is so much to gain from having your fencing professionally installed. It’s a good idea to have an additional barrier between the weather and your house, but without the help of the pros, you can’t be sure that it will be effective. So make sure that you’re choosing the right fencing product, and having it installed as it should be.

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How to Create a Tranquil Private Area In Your Backyard

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More homeowners are looking to turn their backyard into a sanctuary for relaxation. You can turn it into a private space for resting, recreation, and hosting guests. One of the most effective ways of achieving this privacy is by fencing off your backyard.

However, that’s not all you need. Here are some top tips for enhancing the aesthetics and function of your backyard.

Bring Out the Rustic Charm of Wood Fencing

Wood has a charm that can infuse a cozy ambiance in your backyard. You can find wood in a wide variety of textures, shades, and designs. Several layers of wood patterns and shades can create visual interest with only a few simple adjustments in your backyard.

The other advantage of wood is that it blends in with the surrounding landscape. Your fence company can install panels to suit your needs, depending on whether your focus is privacy or aesthetics. It could be built like a block to stop snooping or with spacing between panels to mark different areas.

Go for Pet-Friendly Fencing Options

Every pup needs exercise, and every so often, the backyard becomes their open field. The fencing type should not only contain the pet but also keep them safe. Wooden fences with spaces between the panels may trap some animals.

Another option other than wood is the chain-link fence. It is more affordable than wood, and it can allow your pup to see and smell through the barrier. Experiencing sights and smells from the other side of the fence has a stimulating effect on the pup. However, a balance between privacy and function is essential when choosing fencing from a fence company.

Creating a Multi-Purpose Privacy Area

You may need to create a multi-purpose area, to make the backyard more welcoming during interactions with guests and family. Adding a focal point can invoke a mood in that subdivision of your multi-purpose privacy area. For example, you can install a fountain or a fireplace to enhance the ambiance of a small space.

You can use screens to mark different sections with a variety of materials such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum. When choosing a suitable panel from a fencing company, you may want to consider how you’ll be using the space. It will help you determine if your backyard is more suited to pet and family-friendly fencing solutions.

Upgrade Pathways and Entryways

A sanctuary in your backyard ought to have a clear path leading to the patio to guide visitors. Pathways are essential for a neat and appealing landscape. Entryways leading to the patio can be enhanced with lighting and plants for curb appeal.

Where you can use fencing panels, pathways can serve as boundaries for your fountain or patio. Paths can direct the movement of guests, in effect, making the area less congested.

Incorporate Architectural Elements

The best way to enhance the backyard is to incorporate architectural elements into the landscape. For example, you can plan your wood fence installation to serve as a focal point in your yard. That way, you enhance its function while boosting your home’s curb appeal.

There are different approaches to creating a private area in your backyard. Consider incorporating nature with architectural elements. Take time to picture the kind of landscape you want so that you can work with a fence company in Tampa for a durable installation.

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4 Benefits of Adding a Fence to Your Property

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There are so many reasons why you may be considering a fence for your home. It could be one of the first decisions that you make as a homeowner, in fact. But fences aren’t exactly cheap, and they do require a good bit of time and effort exerted by the fencing professionals you employ, as well as money spent on your end. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that the fence you invest in is worth the cost.

The reality is, however, that you don’t just need to stick to a standard type of fence. Nor do you need to invest in a fence that will only serve a single purpose. There are lots of benefits to having a fence built on your property. Let’s explore some of them below.

1. Privacy

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people choose to invest in fences in the first place is the increased privacy they offer. Not all types of fences come with the same standard picket style that we typically expect, through which people can easily see into backyards. There are also fences that are specifically made for privacy purposes, which should be considered if you live in an area where your backyard is especially close to your neighbor’s. At times, it can be quite difficult to feel at ease if you lack privacy, and more solid fencing can provide you with that.

At the same time, there are practical fencing solutions available for people that live in areas where they don’t necessarily feel safe. If you have small children playing in your backyard, or if you keep your pets outside for significant periods of time, talk to your fencing professionals about potential solutions available for your privacy needs.

2. Value Added

There is a lot to like about having a fence around your backyard, and one of the main reasons why many people invest in fences is that they add value to their homes. It’s generally expected that a fence installation will offer a 65% return on investment for homeowners.

Although you may not be considering selling your home right now, you should make investments with the potential sale of your home in mind. This is why you need to discuss with fencing professionals the types of fencing that will appeal most to people in your area. Don’t just assume that you know exactly what will appeal to potential home buyers; employees of a local fence company will have a better idea of what you should install.

3. Pet Safety

We already mentioned that it’s important to seek fencing solutions in order to keep people from stealing your pets out of your backyard. But it’s also important that you have great fencing installed in order to ensure that your pets don’t attempt to break out of your backyard themselves. Fencing professionals can advise you on choosing fencing that even the most determined of dogs are unable to burrow under. This will ensure that you can let your beloved pet outside in the backyard when they need to get out of the house, without worrying about them jumping over or digging under a fence.

4. Improved Aesthetic

One of the reasons why a lot of people like to have fences installed is that they can improve the appearance of their property for the long term. Think about what a traditional American home looks like; you’re probably thinking about a white picket fence, right? A fence can act as a border for your home, similar to ribbon trimming.

Of course, this does mean that the fence you invest in needs to be well-built. This means working with high quality, experienced fencing professionals. Make sure that you select a solid fencing option, as well as a great paint color that will accent your home properly.

There are clearly many benefits to having a fence installed on your property. These are just a few of the main advantages for you to consider. If you really want to take your property to the next level, consider installing a fence. It could be exactly the kind of value-add you need.

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5 Reasons Why Custom Fencing Solutions Are the Right Option for You

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The U.S. fence industry continues to expand rapidly on the backdrop of increased construction activities and rising consumer interest in outdoor home décor. The industry generates an estimated 52 billion in revenue annually, employing about 270,455 Americans in the over 99,939 fencing businesses nationwide.

Whether you crave more privacy, added security, or to rein your pets in, the fence type you choose will affect its functionality. That’s why more homeowners are turning towards custom fencing solutions that suit their unique needs and preferences. A customized fence system allows you to design the fence to your exact specifications, creating an ideal perimeter for your home.

Here are five benefits of choosing custom fencing solutions for your property.

1. Improved Security

Custom fencing allows homeowners to add enhanced features that suit their specific safety requirements. Do you need a tall solid fence to keep intruders out or just an elegantly designed wooden fence to keep your kids and pets off the pool? Standard, ready-made fences may have ill-fitting units that result in gaps you did not expect. Customized fencing solutions fit perfectly with your landscape and topography, providing greater security for you and your family.

2. Greater Flexibility

Pre-made fencing and gate options limit the design choices that you can have. You can only accept the manufacturer’s design and shapes. Custom fencing professionals tend to be more innovative than pre-made fencing companies, staying abreast of the latest innovations and technology in the market. The customized fence grants you greater control over the design process, allowing you to make all the necessary changes that you need.

3. Better Aesthetics

Standard, cookie-cutter fencing solutions have a bland appeal attached to them. The shapes and accessories were not made with your home in mind. Customized fencing allows you to complement the architectural design elements of your home. You can also choose an age-appropriate theme for your home, blending well with the property’s exterior. While standard pre-made fences can be decent and ‘good enough,’ they lack the final punch and appeal consistent with custom fences. Bring out the aura and charm of your home with a design that you like.

4. Increased Versatility

Your design options are virtually limitless when it comes to custom fencing solutions. The fence installation will include the materials, size, and heights that you prefer. The Tampa fence company can work with you from the concept stage through the design phase and actual installation of your fence. You can shift through various fence types to find a look that matches your taste and preferences.

5. Increased Property Value

According to a Realty Times survey, installing a backyard fence for privacy purposes can increase your property’s appeal to potential buyers. What better way to complement your home’s exterior than with a custom fence? The customization has a profound effect on aesthetics, which can eventually increase the number of potential buyers drawn to your property.

Fencing is a great option to transform your home’s exterior. Make your home stand out within the neighborhood with custom fencing solutions that fit your exact needs. For more information on the custom-designed fences, contact Family Fence Company of Florida.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Add a Privacy Fence

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So you just bought a new property. The great thing about owning a property as opposed to renting one is that you can do whatever you wish with it within reason. While there are plenty of renovations that you can consider for the interior and exterior of your home, you should pay special attention to your backyard as well. If your yard is not properly tended to, you may be less likely to enjoy your outdoor spaces. For that matter, you could very well make a poor impression on your new neighbors.

One of the best ways that you can tend to your backyard is by working with a supplier of premium fencing. Adding a privacy fence to your home can add a number of different benefits, and is well worth the overall investment. Though it can be difficult to decide between the variety of different materials, heights, and style options presented, experienced fence contractors will make the task much simpler. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a privacy fence.

1. Privacy

Let’s get the most obvious reason why people choose to work with a supplier of premium fencing for a privacy fence in the first place. The fact is that we may love our neighbors, but we don’t want them to know about what we’re doing at all times. There are a lot of issues that can come with your neighbors knowing too much about you. It can potentially cause conflicts.

You may feel nervous about offending your neighbors with a privacy fence, but there’s no reason for you to worry about that. One of the reasons why people choose this over other fence types is that a privacy fence can allow you to feel more secure, while also ensuring that your neighbors will not worry about what you’re doing. Chances are that your neighbors will appreciate the fence as much as you will.

2. Value

There are a lot of reasons why you need to think about the value of your property over time. Although you may feel that you’ll stay in the same home for the rest of your life, this isn’t overly likely. Therefore, you should try to add value to your home so that if you do sell it down the road, you’ll make a profit. A privacy fence is a great way of adding value to your house, especially if you buy it from a supplier of premium fencing.

Potential buyers of your home will appreciate a privacy fence for all the reasons that you would. The act that you added the privacy fence will mean that they won’t have to, and therefore they’ll be willing to pay more for your house.

3. Protection

Fencing solutions can protect you in more than one way. One of the reasons why you should think about adding a privacy fence to your property is that it may dissuade potential burglars. Many burglars prefer to enter homes through the back, and a privacy fence makes breaking in and exiting a house much more difficult. It can also make it difficult for them to case a house.

Furthermore, a privacy fence can shield your house from high winds if it’s made from the right material. It’s estimated that solid wood fences can cut down wind flow by as much as 50%, and this should make a big difference in a severe storm.

4. Security

It’s much easier for you to feel safe about letting your children or pets play outside if you have a privacy fence. For one thing, it’s not as if they can easily break free of your property if there is a privacy fence keeping them secure. A supplier of premium fencing can work with you to ensure that if you have a larger dog, they will not be able to jump the fence.

In terms of children, parents can allow their kids to play outside without worrying about them being spied on in their backyards. It simply allows for an additional bit of security and assurance.

There are clearly many benefits to adding a privacy fence. Why not consider this addition to your home?

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3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Privacy Fence

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There are a lot of benefits to installing a privacy fence on your property. Of all of the different fence types available, this is perhaps one of the most beneficial. A privacy fence can prevent nosy neighbors from looking into your yard. For that matter, it can discourage burglars from breaking into your house, as tall fencing tends to make it harder for them to escape from the back of your house. A good privacy fence can help contain your dogs safely in the backyard, and you’ll feel much safer letting your kids play outside if their privacy is protected.

With that being said, installing a privacy fence requires a bit more thought than simply deciding that you need one and moving forward. For one thing, expert installation is key. You can’t simply install a privacy fence on your own. For another, not all privacy fences are created equal, and you need to consider some factors before you move forward with selecting fencing professionals and the types of materials that you use. Let’s look into some of the factors you should consider when having a privacy fence installed.

1. Fencing Materials

There are multiple reasons why you need to work with professional fencing contractors rather than attempting to have amateurs install your fence. Only fencing professionals can offer multiple options in terms of fencing materials. Different materials will come at different prices, as well as with different advantages. Before moving forward with the expert installation of your privacy fence, you should weigh the pros and cons of each material.

Wood is one of the most common types of materials used for privacy fences. It’s rather classic and attractive, and it’s actually one of the cheaper materials available. Cedar, teak, and redwood are particularly durable, and cedar is especially attractive. Bamboo fencing has grown in popularity recently due to the fact that bamboo trees grow so quickly. Wood can also be pressure treated in order to increase its durability and to prevent it from being affected by bugs. Other materials you should consider include metal, which is obviously impervious to rot though not rust, composite which is is made of wood and plastic fibers, vinyl which is strong and flexible but more expensive, and more rare materials like stucco and stone. All have their benefits and disadvantages, and all should be properly considered before you pursue fencing solutions.

2. Height

One of the most important aspects of the expert installation of privacy fences is the height of the fence. Obviously, the height of the fence affects how effectively it works as a privacy fence. Generally speaking, privacy fences are at least five feet tall and come with the option to have an open or closed design, which we’ll discuss further below. Some homeowners prefer taller fences.

The height of your fence should be considered in relation to whether or not it’s being built on a slope. If your yard slopes downwards and your neighbors live in a two-story home on higher ground, it can be easy for them to overlook your fence when they’re looking out a window or off a deck. In this case, a seven or eight foot fence may be a better option. If a fence is too high, however, it can be difficult for an expert installation to be properly executed.

3. An Open or Closed Design

Open and closed designs are two of the more common designs offered by fencing professionals. An open design will space out the fence posts, which means that there will be gaps through which people can see. Though this is typical of many backyard fences, it can defeat the purpose of a privacy fence.

If a closed design fence is used, the posts will be more tightly packed together. This prevents people from looking into your yard and additionally can act as a buffer for the wind.

Privacy fences can not only increase your privacy but the value of your home as well. You should have your privacy fence installed as soon as possible. You’ll feel more comfortable and have an attractive addition to your property!