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4 Tips for Creating a Kid-Centered Backyard

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Family-oriented backyards are booming right now. Kid-centered architecture helps families make their yards more enjoyable and functional. Making your backyard safer and more fun for your kids is essential, as it’s proven that time spent outdoors makes you happier and healthier and improves mental clarity. Your kid-centered backyard can help your children spend more time outdoors and will give them the chance to have active playtime with friends and neighbors. Here are some great ways to make your backyard more kid-friendly.

Add an Age-Appropriate Play Structure

Play structures and playhouses are crucial for kids’ imaginative and physical play. With swings, climbing areas, bars, and other balance tools, kids can learn to use their bodies in new ways. The play structure you choose can have a huge impact on how your child develops.

Include a Sandbox

Sandboxes are great fun for kids from age three to early adolescence. Your children can have a day at the beach without leaving the yard with a simple sandbox. Sandboxes are also unbounded flowerbeds for the imagination. The simplicity of your sandbox will help your kids think without limits on what their creativity can unleash.

Put in Some Lighting

Your backyard lighting should be more than a couple of sconce light fixtures attached to the house. Lighting helps kids see when the day starts turning into night. Make sure that they have enough light throughout the yard for their safety and comfort in the evening.

Install Some Shade and a Privacy Fence

Finally, a fencing company is an essential partner in making your backyard kid-centered. In fact, according to U.S. Zoning Committee experts, between 80 and 90% of received zoning easement applications are for outdoor privacy fences. Your kids need to have privacy and safety while they play, and making sure that you have a sturdy fence is a key part of that. Your contractor can work with you to make sure that your fence both lets your kids feel unencumbered and helps them feel safe, regardless of the type of fence you choose.

Your kid-centric backyard can be a reality sooner than you think. If you have kids, they need a safe and private place to play and explore the world. Contact Family Fence Company today for a free in-home estimate on fencing for your property. We look forward to working with you!

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3 Ways a Fence Can Make Your Home Feel More Secure

Crime continues to increase worldwide, making many people feel unsafe in their homes. However, there are several steps that you can take to secure your home, helping prevent burglaries and making you feel more secure. One major step is investing in a fence. Here’s how a fence can help you make your home feel safer.

1. Secure the House

Small things like locking the doors and windows can instantly make you feel more secure in your home. Imagine if you can essentially lock your whole yard. With a security fence, your property is locked down from all angles. This can instantly give you peace of mind.

2. Install Security Lights

Motion detector lights that turn on when someone walks past them are popular, and they can easily be added to your fence. This help deters criminals from attempting to break through your fence and onto your property. That’s because they are more likely to be seen compared to when they have the cover of darkness to hide behind. Don’t forget to turn on the porch lights every night, too!

3. Install Security Cameras

Installing a home security system can make you feel safer and help prevent burglaries before they happen. These can also be installed on your fence. Outside cameras that potential burglars can see will deter them before they break into your house because they are more likely to wind up behind bars if caught on camera. Knowing this can help you feel more secure while the cameras help keep your property secure.

The Overall Benefits of a Fence

Working with a fencing company is a great way to make your home feel more secure. According to the Landscaping Network, most backyard fences are 6 to 8 feet high. This is the ideal height to provide privacy and help deter burglars. When a fencing company installs a tall privacy fence, it makes it more difficult to tell if there is a dog or other deterrence in the yard. Fences make it more difficult for thieves to break in, too.

With the ideas above in mind, it’s easy to see how a fence can help secure your property. A fencing company can help make your home more secure. Contact us to learn more about putting a fence on your property!

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Is a Wooden Fence the Right Choice for Your Property?

A new fence can provide many unique benefits and advantages to your home that make them well worth considering. However, you might be unsure when to call a fencing company in your area, or what material to pick. Wood might be a great option for many homes, but is it right for you? Let’s check the benefits of a wood fence.

Durable and Affordable

Wood is one of the most affordable building materials because of its abundance and natural design. Amazingly, its lower price doesn’t come with a decrease in quality. When properly maintained by a professional, a wood fence can last you decades.

Beautiful and Stylish

Do you want a fence that adds to your yard’s style while increasing its privacy? A wooden fence might be the best option for you. They’re among the most attractive options on the market and work well in many environments. A wooden fence is always in style, no matter the year.

Wind Flow Reduction

When talking with a fencing company, it’s important to know about wind flow and how fences impact it. For example, according to our internal research, a solid wood fence can reduce a yard’s wind flow by as much as 50%. That can minimize wind- and storm-based damage to your house.

Easy Maintenance

All fence materials require maintenance to stay strong and secure through the years. However, a wooden fence is surprisingly simple to maintain and requires occasional staining or painting every few years. It would help if you also occasionally cleaned it with soap and water to keep it strong.

Multiple Material Options

No matter what wood you want for your fence, there’s likely an option available for you. Fence companies often have pine, spruce, cedar, redwood, and cypress materials. They also provide multiple stain options that enhance your fence’s look simply and efficiently.

Economically Friendly

If you’re concerned about the impact of your home on the environment, you’ll love wood fencing. It’s one of the most eco-friendly options on the market because its materials are all-natural. Even natural termite and pest treatments are available for these fences.

All these benefits make a wooden fence a great option for your home and can even increase its value. Please reach out to our team at Family Fence Company today if a wooden fence seems right for your needs. We’re a fencing company that cares about your needs and which do whatever you need to get a great fence.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Fencing Market

According to Grand View Research, from 2022 to 2030, the size of the fencing market in the US is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% from $8.2 billion in 2021. It’s no surprise that more homeowners are opting to invest in fencing to increase the level of security and privacy enjoyed by their homes while also giving their curb appeal a boost. Continue reading to learn a few unknown facts about fencing and some things you might not know about your local fencing company.

1. Installing a Fence Can Help You Avoid Boundary Disputes

The fencing market has long been a resource for landowners throughout the world. Think about driving through the countryside and how the land is parceled out and divided by fences. These fences don’t just add to the charm of the landscape, they serve a valuable purpose too. The same holds true in suburban areas too. Adding a fence to your property can stop encroachment and arguments about property boundaries.

2. Fences Can Reduce Noise Pollution

We’ve all seen the giant concrete walls lining highways in populated areas. These walls create a sound barrier that protects nearby homes and businesses from being overwhelmed by traffic noise. Smaller, more attractive fences can perform this same function for you. If you live near a busy road or there’s just a lot of noise in your area, installing a fence can help to reduce noise pollution. Talk to your contractor or fencing company about installing a new fence that adds privacy and security while also making your property quieter and more enjoyable.

3. Landscaping Is Improved With Fencing

More people are investing in landscaping and creating usable outdoor spaces on their properties. This is another way of nesting and creating an oasis at home. While fencing has long been a beautiful part of landscaping, did you know that it can also help prevent the spread of weeds? If your neighbor’s landscaping efforts aren’t as robust as your own, you can stop their weeds from creeping into your yard with the right kind of fence. No one wants to spend time and effort creating a beautiful lawn and garden only to have it affected by their neighbor’s inattention to their yard.

Interested in installing a fence on your property? We’re the fencing company to call. Contact Family Fence Company today and learn more about our services.

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3 Signs Your Fence Needs Replacement

According to industry insiders, homeowners should expect a return on investment of 65% after the installation of a new fence. Of course, a new fence won’t last forever, no matter how high the quality. If you’re wondering if it’s time to give your local fence installers a call about replacing your fence, keep reading to learn about a few signs that it’s time to take action.

1. Your Fence Is Leaning and No Longer Straight

Footings that aren’t filled with concrete or another stabilizing material often start to lean or sag after a few years. Even footings that are filled with concrete can begin to deteriorate over time. Water and moisture can seep into the concrete, causing it to crack and break. Once this process begins, there isn’t much that can be done to stop it. If your footings are no longer able to do their job, your fence will need to be replaced.

2. Holes or Cracks In the Fencing

This is a situation that may not call for an entire replacement. Holes and cracks that occur in wood, vinyl, and other types of fencing can sometimes be repaired. If your fence is looking a little worse for wear and you notice some damage, it’s time to give your fence installers a call. They can decide if all or part of your fence should be replaced or if it can be repaired. The sooner you call in a contractor, the less severe the damage will be. This is one instance where procrastination will only make the situation worse.

3. It’s Broken

A broken fence can mean a latch that no longer works, a gate that’s off its hinges, or vinyl fence panels that have fallen out of place. If there’s any part of your fence that isn’t performing as it should, it’s time to have it checked. Fences have to stand up to the weather and elements, and this causes damage over the years. Once a fence starts to break down and has issues like these, it’s only a matter of time before it needs to be replaced. Don’t delay in having a broken fence replaced.

If a fence on your property needs to be replaced, we’re the fence installers to call. Our team provides professional and reliable work at a reasonable cost. Contact Family Fence Company today to learn more about our fencing services.

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4 Ways a New Fence Can Increase Property Value

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Not only can a fence give you privacy, but it can increase the value of your property. According to Home Advisor, installing a fence can boost the value of a home by around $1,500 to $5,000, with the total value varying based on the type of fencing installed. Here are the four main benefits of installing a new fence.

1. It Improves Your Curb Appeal

Appearances matter, especially when trying to find a buyer for your home. When your home looks attractive on the outside, people want to see what it looks like on the inside. Taking steps to enhance your home can attract buyers, allowing you to sell your property for more.

Fencing in the front yard can be an excellent way to improve your home’s curb appeal. It can define your front yard and create visual appeal. The right type of fencing could be a selling point.

2. Fencing Can Highlight Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living space is prized by buyers, especially in areas with a warmer climates. A fence can separate your yard from your neighbors. With the help of a fence company, you can turn your backyard into a defined space. It also provides privacy and can even block out noise.

3. It Appeals to Children and Pet Owners

Homes sell for more when they can appeal to a wide variety of buyers. A backyard fence is important to many buyers and buyers who want to have children in the future. Since young children love to play in backyards, parents want yards to have a secure fence.

When a home has a fence, pet owners can let their pets play outside. Some realtors even say that fencing is a priority for dog owners. Installing a new fence is an extra expense, and many buyers that want fencing would prefer a property that already has fencing installed.

4. Many Fencing Materials Are Low Maintenance

In the past, many popular fencing materials required regular maintenance. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Many popular fencing materials are durable and require little to no maintenance. Once you install a fence, you won’t have to worry about a ton of upkeep.

If you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, a fence is an excellent investment. A fence offers security and privacy and can enhance your home’s appearance! Contact Family Fence Company today to find out more about our fencing options.

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Choosing the Right Fence Contractor: 4 Red Flags to Look Out for

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Finding the right fence contractor can be daunting because it’s hard to know what to look for when hiring one. If it’s your first time, you may want to do more research to know some of the best contractors in your area, their rates, and reviews. You want to work with someone you can trust, communicate with, and experience reliable service from start to finish. To help you find the right contractor, here are the red flags to watch out for during your search.

Bad Customer Service

Customer service is the reason why a company gets more return clients and referrals. A good professional fence installer should pick up calls, arrange meetings, arrive early or on time, complete projects on time, and respond to concerns after the installation. Check the reviews on the website and other platforms to know how the contractor responds to complaints.

Takes Too Long to Complete a Project

A good fence contractor gives a specific timeline to complete the job. While some factors can affect how long a project takes, such as the weather, be careful with contractors who intentionally lengthen the process to make more money. According to HomeAdvisor, professional fence installers can fence a property in 20 to 35 hours. Any fence installer that gives a significantly longer timeline or makes excuses is not worth hiring.

Unlicensed and Uninsured

Home projects like fence installation are complex and may create unsafe conditions for your family and neighbors. That means you may incur extensive losses if you hire an unqualified person to do the work. Contractors are regulated by the state license board. If they’re not insured, you will bear the cost of any damages. A genuine contractor will gladly share copies of all these documents for verification. If you’re checking online, you can check the license details on the website.

Incomplete Quotes or Hidden Costs

Be careful with a contractor that gives a significantly lower-than-average quote. In most cases, these companies either have hidden costs or will likely produce substandard work. Low costs can be enticing, but beware of contractors doing this to secure your contract. If a quote feels too good to be true, it may be a red flag.

Your home is a critical investment. It’s important to be selective about who you choose to work on it. If you’re in need of a fence contractor you can trust to get the job done well, contact Family Fence company today to request a free estimate on our services.

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The Purpose of Fencing Solutions

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Fencing solutions provide a multitude of benefits to both residential and commercial properties. From creating privacy and defining boundaries to enhancing the look of outdoor areas, fences can be customized to meet different needs. Let’s learn more about what purposes fencing solutions can serve.

1. Define Boundaries

One of the most obvious purposes for fencing solutions is to define boundaries. Commercial properties need these boundaries as it helps to ensure that assets are secure. Even residential properties benefit from this purpose since homeowners will have peace of mind that their property lines are marked. Fencing solutions can also help to prevent trespassers from entering the property and damaging the land.

2. Improve Security

Heightened fences provide a feeling of safety and may even deter potential burglars or intruders from entering the property. This is especially beneficial for commercial properties that must protect sensitive or confidential information, as well as residential properties with high-value items. Furthermore, certain types of fencing solutions can be outfitted with security features, such as cameras or motion detectors, to further increase safety.

3. Enhance Privacy

More privacy is important for residential properties, where owners want to create a secure and secluded environment. According to the Landscaping Network, backyard fences are commonly between six and eight feet tall, but fences can be made even taller to provide additional privacy. By installing fencing solutions, such as solid panel fences or hedges, homeowners can ensure that their backyard has protection from onlookers or nosy neighbors. They also provide a visual and physical barrier that can deter unwanted visitors from entering the property.

4. Improve Aesthetics

Fencing solutions can also improve the look of a property. From ornamental iron fences to wood picket panels, fences come in an array of styles and materials tailored to match the existing landscape. This is especially beneficial for commercial properties, as an attractive fence can help attract customers and improve the overall look of the area.

From defining boundaries and increasing security to enhancing privacy and improving aesthetics, fencing solutions provide a multitude of purposes to both residential and commercial properties. With the help of an experienced fencing professional, homeowners and business owners can customize their fence solutions to meet their specific needs and preferences. Contact Family Fence for your fencing needs today.

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Why You Should Get Referrals for a Fence Company

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Are you a homeowner looking to add value to your property? If so, getting referrals for a fence company is one great way to do that. Landscaping can increase the resale value of your home by as much as 14%, according to Signature Concrete Design. A fence is an integral part of that value. Fences provide privacy, security, and help frame the beauty of your landscaping. If you’re looking to have a fence installed, here’s why it’s in your best interest to get quality referrals for a fence company.

1. Reliable Referrals

The first thing to consider when looking for referrals for a fence contractor is the reliability of the referral. A good referral means that the company is experienced and knowledgeable. Ask family, friends, and neighbors who they’ve used in the past to get referrals for a fence company. You can also search online for reviews of different contractors to see what others have to say about their experiences with them.

2. Quality of Work

Once you have a list of referrals, you’ll have time to dig deeper into the quality of work. Make sure to look into their past projects and ask for references from previous customers. You may even want to contact those customers to ask about their experience with the company in question. You can never have too many referrals or reviews about a contractor.

3. Fair Prices

When someone refers you to a service, they’ll usually tell you what they paid for it. You can compare the prices of different fence company referrals to get the best deal. Make sure to factor in additional costs, such as installation fees and materials. You want to make sure you don’t get ripped off, and trustworthy referrals from others can help prevent that.

4. Professionalism

When someone gives you a referral to a fencing business, it should be a statement of the contractor’s professionalism. Usually, people don’t recommend contractors unless they have a great experience. So a contractor with good referrals is likely to be knowledgeable and trustworthy.

5. Ensure Safety

The main purpose of a fence is to provide safety and security for your property. Quality referrals for a fence company can help you find a contractor that provides the safe fortification you need.

When looking for a fence company, don’t start from scratch. Use your network and other reliable sources for a referral. If you’re ready to have a new fence installed, contact Family Fence Company today to request a free estimate.

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How to Choose Between Fence Types

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Privacy and security are important for any homeowner. Everyone wants to have a safe space for their families and their pets. Keeping out uninvited guests and wild animals is a couple of reasons why many people choose fencing. There are plenty of things to think about when choosing the right fence for your home. Below are a few points to help you narrow down your options.

1. What Are You Looking For?

It’s good to first have a clear idea about what your must-haves are when deciding on a fence. If you’re needing something for security, you may want a metal chain-link fence. If it’s for privacy, then wood fencing is probably more for you. According to the Landscaping Network, common heights for backyard fences are typically between 6 and 8 feet. Usually, it has the option for either a closed design or an open one that would allow more privacy and protection from the elements. Having a visual of what you would like to accomplish will aid your decision on the fence types that will work best for you.

2. Rules and Regulations

Depending on the location of your home, there can be several different hurdles to overcome. For instance, if your neighborhood has a Home Owners Association. They may have certain expectations when it comes to materials and placing of the fence. It would be best to check with them first. Also, if you have neighbors close by, you need to know where exactly your property line is. If you don’t know the exact placement, you can have a surveyor come out and find it for you. Knowing what you can and can’t do will help to solve a handful of problems before they arise.

3. Money

There are several different materials used in the construction of fences. Having a well-thought-out budget can make a world of difference. Chain-link and wood are both very affordable, while vinyl or wrought iron fence types can be more expensive. Also, set aside some of the budget for getting the fence in place. Installation can be hard work and having it done by an expert is always the way to go.

Knowing your needs, fence functionality, HOA stipulations, and budget will help you make an educated decision when having a fence installed. It’s best to put as much planning into the process before making a call to the professionals. If you’re ready to update your home with a new fence, contact Family Fence Company today!