The Benefits of Installing a Solid Wood Fence at Home

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Homeowners have many options when choosing a material for their fences. Despite the wide variety of fence types today, many homeowners still opt for wood fencing. Their sustained popularity among homeowners is due to the many benefits they offer. Below are the top four benefits of choosing wood fencing among other fence types.

Easy to Install

Wood fences are less difficult to install than other materials, so homeowners and their families will experience less disturbance in their everyday lives during installation. Professional contractors can gather all the materials they need for the job off-site and then transport all of the supplies and tools to the client’s house to put together the fence in hours. Once the setup is finished, homeowners can immediately begin to enjoy all of the benefits of their new fence.


Constructing a new fence is a big investment that could guzzle up thousands of dollars if proper research and budgeting aren’t done upfront. That said, wood fences are less expensive than other fence types such as wrought iron, vinyl, and aluminum. They’re also less expensive to maintain. While homeowners can repaint or re-stain their fences as needed, budget-conscious homeowners can expect their treated wood fences to endure for decades without needing to be repainted or re-stained.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood fences are ideal for homeowners seeking an eco-friendly option for their fencing needs. Wood is a natural resource manufactured in factories without the need for many chemicals. Various stabilizers and preservatives that help protect it from insect and water damage without negatively impacting the soil and groundwater also exist. Furthermore, after a wood fence has served its purpose, it may be dismantled, recycled, or discarded without negative environmental impact.

Protection and Privacy

Rural landowners can use simple rail fences to keep livestock or domestic animals from straying away, while solid, opaque panels can be used by city dwellers to offer additional seclusion. In addition to providing protection from natural elements like the wind, wood provides a high level of extra pet and child safety by keeping children in the yard and intruders out. Wind flow is also reduced by up to 50% using solid wood barriers.

Wood remains a popular choice for the benefits listed above. If you’re looking for experts to install your next fence, contact us today!