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The Benefits of Installing a Solid Wood Fence at Home

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Homeowners have many options when choosing a material for their fences. Despite the wide variety of fence types today, many homeowners still opt for wood fencing. Their sustained popularity among homeowners is due to the many benefits they offer. Below are the top four benefits of choosing wood fencing among other fence types.

Easy to Install

Wood fences are less difficult to install than other materials, so homeowners and their families will experience less disturbance in their everyday lives during installation. Professional contractors can gather all the materials they need for the job off-site and then transport all of the supplies and tools to the client’s house to put together the fence in hours. Once the setup is finished, homeowners can immediately begin to enjoy all of the benefits of their new fence.


Constructing a new fence is a big investment that could guzzle up thousands of dollars if proper research and budgeting aren’t done upfront. That said, wood fences are less expensive than other fence types such as wrought iron, vinyl, and aluminum. They’re also less expensive to maintain. While homeowners can repaint or re-stain their fences as needed, budget-conscious homeowners can expect their treated wood fences to endure for decades without needing to be repainted or re-stained.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood fences are ideal for homeowners seeking an eco-friendly option for their fencing needs. Wood is a natural resource manufactured in factories without the need for many chemicals. Various stabilizers and preservatives that help protect it from insect and water damage without negatively impacting the soil and groundwater also exist. Furthermore, after a wood fence has served its purpose, it may be dismantled, recycled, or discarded without negative environmental impact.

Protection and Privacy

Rural landowners can use simple rail fences to keep livestock or domestic animals from straying away, while solid, opaque panels can be used by city dwellers to offer additional seclusion. In addition to providing protection from natural elements like the wind, wood provides a high level of extra pet and child safety by keeping children in the yard and intruders out. Wind flow is also reduced by up to 50% using solid wood barriers.

Wood remains a popular choice for the benefits listed above. If you’re looking for experts to install your next fence, contact us today!

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3 Ways a Privacy Fence Can Enhance Your Backyard Experience


When you are deciding which fence you want for your home, do not overlook privacy fencing. Privacy fencing comes with three great features that can enhance your backyard experience. A privacy fence can be the ideal choice to create an oasis in your backyard that will make you want to stay home more.

Privacy fencing is usually five feet high or taller. It can have both an open and a closed design. It can be made from wood, PVC, or vinyl panels. These types of fences are constructed with privacy in mind and to set clear boundaries between property lines. Here are three reasons you should consider privacy fencing for your home

They Keep Prying Eyes Out

One of the most important ways privacy fencing can enhance your backyard experience is by creating a private space for you and your family. Even if you have the best neighbors, it is nice to have a space that feels like a sanctuary that is separate from everyone else around you. The old saying “strong fences build good neighbors” is very true. A privacy fence creates boundaries that neighbors have to respect. Unlike a chain-link fence that just sets the boundaries, a privacy fence ensures those boundaries are enforced.

Privacy Fences Heighten Security

In today’s world, you must make security a priority. Not only does a privacy fence keep prying eyes out, but it also is a much more difficult barrier to cross. With a privacy fence, you do not have to worry about keeping things in your backyard like lawn furniture, expensive grilling equipment, and more. Your backyard experience is enhanced with a privacy fence by keeping concerns about things being stolen off your plate.

Protection from Wind

Privacy fencing can help to protect your backyard on windy days. Whether you live in an area that regularly experiences gusty wind weather or are in a hurricane zone, a privacy fence will protect your yard from high winds. Plants and other vegetation are also safer with a privacy fence.

If you are considering a new fence, you should consider a privacy fence. These types of fences are highly customizable to meet your specific needs. They can help to transform your backyard into the secluded space you, your family, and friends will want to gather in all the time. To learn more about the different privacy fencing options for your home, contact us today!

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Fencing Your Home

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Are you looking forward to putting up a fence in your yard? Residential fencing is an excellent way to add value to your property. You can also benefit from better security, increased privacy, and improved curb appeal for your home.

A fence installation is a long-term investment, and you need to take time and think it through. Fencing pitfalls can be difficult to rectify and they can be expensive. Here are some common fencing mistakes that homeowners make.

1. Not Knowing Your Property Lines

You need to determine the exact size of the plot that you are fencing. You would not wish to bring down your fence right after an expert installation. Your neighbors may pursue legal action if your fence infringes on their property. Examine the deed to your home to establish the boundaries. If unsure, bring in the local surveyor. It is essential to determine the property lines before calling in a fencing company.

2. Ignoring Zoning and Legal Restrictions

Another common mistake homeowners make is failing to ensure the fence meet all legal requirements. Local zoning laws may restrict the type of fence you can put up. Some HOAs may also dictate the fencing materials. Besides, you also need to get the right permits for building and digging. Check with your local planning department for your proposed fence before going ahead with the expert installation.

3. Getting Wrong Fencing Material

Fences take the brunt of extreme weather patterns. Your fencing is only as strong as the material used. You can either choose wood, vinyl, aluminum, or a chain-link fence. You may need to determine the purpose of your fence. While chain-link may provide adequate security, it may not offer the aesthetic appeal you are looking for. You also need to ensure that the fencing company uses treated wood. Wood treatment prevents your poles from cracking, splitting, or rotting due to termites.

4. Poor Planning

You need an expert installation to achieve a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. It means proper planning by consulting a professional fencing contractor. Miscalculated distances lead to awkwardly positioned gates and wrong fencing angles on slopes. You also need to find out from your utility companies where their lines lie. This will reduce the chances of you digging up your electricity or plumbing pipes while putting up your fence.

5. Incorrect Anchoring

Fencing posts play a critical role in the stability of your installation. Ensure you dig holes that are deep enough to anchor the fences firmly. You also need to determine the right length of the posts to avoid erecting an unstable fence that can easily collapse.

6. Not Choosing Fencing Professionals

Most homeowners make the mistake of hiring the wrong fence company in Tampa, or worse, attempt to put up the fence on their own. Improperly fixed fences are hard to redo. You end up wasting a lot of money and time. For expert installation, look for an experienced fencing contractor. Look at the company’s reputation. Check out their contractor licenses and whether they have an insurance cover.

A fence is an excellent investment for any home. However, you do not wish to invest in a fancy fence that will go down after the first gust of wind. Avoid falling into that trap by ensuring you avoid these mistakes.

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Which Type Of Fence Is Best For Your Home

Fences can add a significant amount of safety and security to a home. Furthermore, fences increase the property value and look of a home. However, the various types of fences may prove overwhelming to the homeowner, which may make the decision difficult. You want to purchase a fence that will both look great and provide you with the protection and privacy you need.

The Many Different Types Of Fencing Solutions

There are many different types of fencing solutions and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are more stately, while others provide greater security measures. It is important to make the right decision by choosing the correct type of fence that will ensure all your needs are met.

Classic Wood Fence

For many, a classic wood fence may be the first thing that pops into your mind. It is one of the most common fences chosen by homeowners, as it is one of the least inexpensive and the materials are readily available. It is estimated that a wood fence reduces the effect of high winds by up to 50%, which is important to protect your home from storms and other adverse weather conditions.

Wood fences come in a variety of finishes and allow for ample privacy. However, they can get dirty and may be more difficult to maintain. Wood fencing needs constant maintenance, such as applying stains or other coatings every few years.

Versatile Vinyl Fencing

Another popular type of fence is vinyl. Vinyl fencing allows you to have almost complete privacy and is relatively easy to install; however, installation should only be performed by fencing professionals. A fence contractor will ensure that your fence is installed correctly and supplies the maximum amount of stability and protection possible.

Although vinyl fencing is versatile and provides great privacy, it can be more expensive than a classic wood fence. However, it is much easier to maintain and will last longer, as it will not rot or rust. Finally, vinyl fencing is extremely versatile, as it can be used for various instances such as for privacy, pools, and decks. Furthermore, it is one of the best looking fences available to purchase, as it is neat, clean, and looks modern.

Beautiful Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is another viable type of fence, as it contains various materials such as mixes of resins, plastics, and woods. Composite fences look similar to other types of fencing such as wood; however, due to being composed of different materials, it requires much less maintenance than a wood fence and will last longer.

Metal Fencing

Metal fencing is another popular type of fence, as it is nearly maintenance-free and made of materials that are rust-resistant. These fences are some of the most durable fences on the market, as they are heavy and resistant to even the most adverse weather. It is also important to note that these types of fences can be used on any part of your property, as they are versatile and stately.

Fencing is one of the most cost-effective additions you can make to your home to drive up its property value. Furthermore, fencing solutions add significant security and allow you added privacy. No matter what type or reason you have for installing a fence, ensure you hire a fencing contractor for expert installation.

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How Fences Can Add Safety And Security To Your Home

Fences are an important aspect of our homes. They add elegance, give us privacy, and most importantly, give us an added level of security. Security is important in any home and should not be overlooked. This is important for any home, and security should be first priority.

However, when deciding to install a fence it is critical to hire a professional fence contractor to ensure the job is completed correctly, and to the highest standard possible. This will benefit both the safety and security of your family, as well as increase the market value of your home.

How Fences Can Add Safety And Security To Your Home

There are various fence types that can add safety and security to your home, however, it is recommended that a typical privacy or security fence is usually around five feet tall, and the posts are designed to be staggered so it is not possible to see through to your yard. Furthermore, security fences can deter criminals, as it may be more difficult for them to access your home.

Allows Your And Your Family To Feel Safe

Your home should be a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure. Therefore, adding fencing to your home allows you to have added privacy and security. Many fencing professionals recommend fences for added privacy and security.

Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

Deciding to put up a fence can be an expensive purchase, however, if it is done by a reputable fence company, it can add significant value to your home. Your home is one of the most expensive purchases you will make throughout your lifetime. BY making improvements like adding quality fencing, the market value of your home will increase.

Security Fences Increase Privacy

Privacy is one of the most important aspects of any home. It allows the home’s residents to feel safe and secure, which is critical to everyone’s well-being. These fence types can allow you to relax in your backyard without worrying about being seen by neighbors or passing cars.

They Are Great For Pets

Because security fences are nearly five feet tall, they are extremely effective at keeping your pets in the yard. Dogs and other pets may tend to wander if no fence is present, potentially putting them in harm’s way. By installing a high enough fence, you can confidently allow them to roam your property, knowing they are safe.

Privacy and security are important for any home and is one of the most important aspects of feeling safe. Therefore, it is important to get a professional fence contractor to ensure that the fence is installed correctly and can provide the maximum security for your family, and ensure your home’s market value remained intact.

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3 Tips to Follow When Choosing a Reputable Fence Company

Roughly 270,500 Americans work in the fencing industry, with good reason. According to U.S. zoning committee experts, approximately 80% to 90% of applications that they receive are for privacy fences.

Privacy isn’t the only reason that homeowners are interested in fencing, however. Quality landscaping, which includes fencing, can increase your home’s resale value by up to 14%. After your fence is installed, you can look forward to a 65% return on your investment. In addition, families with young children gain peace of mind knowing that their kids are protected by fencing around their property or pool area.

Choosing the right fencing professionals to do the work is crucial when you want the job done well. Here are three tips for spotting a dependable fence company.

1. Go Fence-Hunting

To advertise their work, fence installation companies will usually nail a company badge onto fences they’ve completed. Take a look around your neighborhood, and if you see a fence that catches your eye, make a note of the builder that installed it.

If there’s no visible badge, and the fence appears to be fairly new, you might try asking the owner who did the work for them.

2. Get Several Price Estimates

Fortunately, getting estimates from fence contractors is much less time-consuming than getting estimates for highly specialized interior work. That’s because top representatives in this business are usually very flexible and ready to quickly book an appointment that fits your schedule. Some reps can even stop by your home and create an estimate when you aren’t there, since it’s an outdoor project.

3. Ask the Important Questions

In your communications with possible fence providers, you should prepare to ask some important questions. These might include:

Will the company obtain the necessary permits? In some areas, permission from your local government agency is required in order to begin work and an inspector must approve the finished work to close the permit out. The right fence contractor will also be knowledgeable about zoning regulations affecting the construction of fences.

Will they call the local utility locator for you so that they can determine the exact location of any underground lines? If this will this be your responsibility, it’s best to know that upfront.

How will they handle any slopes that your property may have? When slopes are present, the fence may be contoured, vary in height, or have triangular spaces (stepping) under it. Bear in mind that stepping could be an issue if you’re a pet owner because your furry friend could escape.

What is included in the total project cost? Ask about gates and their associated hardware. If there are rocks or trees present on your property, that could be a hindrance to fencing and also affect the total project cost. Ask about the type of warranty the company offers, as well. Does it cover materials as well as labor? A great fence company should also offer a long-term warranty of no less than three years.

What is their estimated timeline? Fence contractors are generally backlogged during spring and summer, so it may be a while before they can take on your project. Once work starts, will they work steadily with a decent-sized crew, or will they work periodically over a series of days or weeks?

A reputable fencing contractor will be able to answer these and any other questions you may have.

Once you’ve done your homework using these guidelines, you’ll have a vision of the exact type of fencing you require, and you’ll also have a dependable fence company ready to get the job done for you.

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How Can Quality Fencing Improve My Home’s Value?

A house is the most expensive purchase that one will make throughout their lifetime; therefore, it is important for homeowners to maintain the market value of their home. There are various ways to improve the overall value of your home such as installing a new roof or siding or replacing windows. However, one of the lesser-known ways of improving the value of one’s home is installing a quality fence on the property. It is proven that homeowners can receive a 65% return on their investment in a quality fence.

A fence not only adds privacy to one’s home, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and add class and elegance to the outside of any home. It is estimated that fencing and other forms of improving the outside presence of a home can add 14% to your home’s potential resale value. However, when installing a fence, it is important to hire a reputable fence contractor. A reputable fence contractor will assist you in perusing the different fence types and choose which is right for you.

Which Type Of Fence Is Best For Your Home?

As a homeowner, you may feel overwhelmed with the many different types of fences to choose from; however, most fences serve the similar purpose of providing privacy and aesthetics.

One of the most common types of fencing is vinyl, as it provides almost complete privacy and is easy to keep clean. Furthermore, it is extremely affordable and is one of the most durable fences on the market. Additionally, vinyl fencing is beautiful to look at and will become the focal point to the outside of your home.

Another option is ornamental fencing, crafted from durable steel and aluminum that is rust proof and will add elegance to the outside of your home. Ornamental fencing is not essential for privacy, but to complement the outside of the home, such as landscaping. Similar to vinyl, this type of fencing is also virtually maintenance free and easy to clean. This is a great choice for those who wish to add a stately appearance to their home.

Wood fencing is one of the most widely renowned types of fence and remains popular in the fencing industry. It is a tried and true material that has adapted to modern technology and is now resistant to rotting and other types of wear. Many types of wood fences are crafted from treated cedar and pine; however, one of the most common types of wood used for fencing is white wood. Wood fencing is durable and looks beautiful in its many different finishes and is a viable option for many homeowners.

Hiring A Reputable Fence Contractor

It is recommended that when considering buying a fence, to hire a fence installation contractor or fencing professional. Expert installation is essential to quality and durable fencing, therefore it is important to hire reputable fencing professionals to complete the job.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Fencing

Taking care of your fencing will help to extend the lifetime of your fence and keep it looking great for years to come. Most fence types need very little attention especially if you had a fence contractor that used high quality materials in your fencing.

Homeowners report when you choose the best fence installation Tampa has to offer you get fencing that you can depend on for years without worry. Of course, you do have to do your part and take care of your fencing.

The Care You Provide Depends on the Fence Types

There are several different fence types and the type of fence will dictate the type of care that it requires. For example, a wood fence will need to either be painted or stained to ensure that it can stand up to the elements. A poly fence can just be hosed down when it gets dirty to keep it looking great.

A metal fence will not have to be painted for years until it starts to show wear or some corrosion. Taking care of your fencing can help it to stand up to the elements longer. You can speak to the fence installation expert that installs your fence for which type of maintenance you will have to perform.

Professional Repair

No matter how good your fencing is over time it will need professional repair to replace worn parts. When you notice repairs are necessary it is a good practice to call in the experts as soon as possible. Keeping up on fencing repairs can help you to keep your fence looking great and highly functional for years to come.

In most cases small repairs will ensure that your fencing does not need a full replacement. Connecting with a fence company that is experienced and that is committed to quality fencing will ensure that you have the support that you need.

Fencing is Worth the Small Amount of Maintenance

Fencing comes with about a 65% ROI on your investment. It provides security, safety, and is aesthetically pleasing. It is well worth the small amount of maintenance required to keep it looking great and completely functional. Adding a fence to your home is a great way to add a layer of security, and to enhance your properties privacy. Learn more about which type of fence will be ideal for your home and your lifestyle today.

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5 Ways to Choose the Right Fence for Your Home

fence installation

It’s estimated that the majority of applications received by zoning committees around the U.S are for outdoor privacy fence installation. There are so many different fence types to choose from when working with a fence contractor. It can be overwhelming to choose a specific fence for your home; here are some tips you can use to guide your decision.

HOA Regulations

Depending on where you live, your fence installation may be dictated by what is or isn’t allowed by your home owner’s association or other rules in your neighborhood. Before you decide to build, make sure you consult your HOA regulations with your fence company so that you’re all on the same page.

Desired Level of Security

Do you want a fence that’s purely for looks or do you want a fence that will keep your property blocked from all eyes? Security fences are usually between 6-8 feet high and require expert installation to make sure they’re properly built. Other fences, like vinyl fencing, have gaps that make the fence look great aesthetically. Talk to your fencing company about your desired levels of privacy to make sure your needs are met.


You’ll definitely want to consider how much maintenance you want to worry about with your fencing. Aluminum fencing is low-maintenance and requires painting during fence installation. Wooden fencing may require more frequent maintenance to keep the wood looking sharp, like power washing and regular coats of paint.


How long do you want your fence to last? With proper care, wood fences can last as long as your house and complement the property as long as you want. Chain link fences are also fairly durable but don’t have the same amount of character as a wrought iron fence. A brick fence can also be very complementary to your home but require regular upkeep to ensure they last.

Consult the Fencing Professionals

Fence installation is more work than can be done by just one or two people. A fence company in Tampa is just what you need to make sure you find the right fencing for your home. Ready to start finding the right fencing for your home? Contact our team today for a free estimate!

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What is the Best Fencing Style for My Home?

Deciding among which fence types are right for your property can be a difficult decision. One thing is for sure you certainly want to make sure that you are dealing with a supplier of premium fencing.

High-quality fencing from a supplier of premium fencing that offers expert installation will ensure that no matter what type of fence type you choose you will get the value that you deserve. Quality fencing combined with expert installation means a fence that is going to look beautiful and that will last.

How Do I Know Which Fence is Best?

If you are like most homeowners you want a fence for a few different reasons, all equally important. Here are some reasons homeowners around Tampa are electing to have a high-quality fence installed by the trusted fence company in Tampa:

  • To enhance security. A fence can help to keep intruders out.
  • To create a great space for outdoor living. Many homeowners use fencing as an opportunity to create great separate outdoor living areas.
  • To create privacy between neighbors. Fencing establishes a border between your neighbor’s property and yours. Strong fences build good neighbors.

Of course, aesthetics is always important. You want a fencing option that will fulfill all of your needs and look great.

Fences bring a lot of benefits to the table, choosing the right one is vital to taking advantage of all those benefits. Whether security is your primary driver, or you just want to keep the kids and the pets safe in the yard, a fence is the solution.

Expert Advice

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you are choosing a fence that will meet all your needs is to turn to the experts. A supplier of premium fencing will have the options that you need to get the fence that you want.

The right fence company in Tampa will be able to help you make an informed decision about which fence is going to deliver the protection, aesthetic and long-lasting reliability that you want for your property. With the right advice, it can be easy to choose the right fencing.

A fence is a great investment for your home and your lifestyle. The right support from a highly rated fence company will ensure that your fencing exceeds your expectations and helps you create the outdoor space that you love.