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How to Maintain Your Wood Fence


Having a wood fence comes with numerous benefits that generally evade other types of fences, from its natural aesthetics that allow it to blend seamlessly into the environment to its low installation cost. In addition to this, wood fences also help reduce wind flow by about 50%, making them an essential addition for properties in wind-prone areas. Unlike other fencing, wood fences can also last for as long as 15 years, with the 20-year mark being a possibility. This will, however, require you to adopt proper maintenance practices. Below, we discuss some maintenance tips for wood fences.

Clean Your Fence

Wood fences can harbor various elements over time, with the most common being mildew and mold. While these may not be a typical health hazard, their presence will lower the aesthetics of your property. To prevent the accumulation of such materials, make it a point to adopt a regular cleaning schedule. Wood fencing requires specific cleaners, which is what you need to utilize. Soak your wood in this cleaner, after which you can scrub it or use a pressure washer to wipe the cleaner off.

Check for Underlying Issues

While doing your annual property check, walk around your fence and check if any issues call for repairs or replacements. If you notice any loose nails, place them back with a hammer or replace them with new ones if they show signs of rust. Check if your fencing shows any signs of rotting, and where present, replace them with new panels. Overgrown vegetation could also weigh down your panels, so be sure to trim off any unwanted bushes around your fence. Lastly, check if your sprinklers are close to your fence. Watering your fence during your daily sprinkling session will discolor your wood panels, with the excess moisture accelerating rotting. Ensure that your sprinklers are placed at a safe distance away from the fence.

Spruce Up Gray Fences

If your wood looks gray, consider reviving it back to life rather than replacing it entirely. For this, you will need a power washer to remove the old gray skin. Ensure that your washer falls between the 1500-2000 psi mark to allow you to eradicate the old skin. After this, wait for your fencing to dry and apply an exterior wood oil stain. The oil stain will help preserve your new wood layer, helping it maintain a fresh appearance for the next couple of years.

Paint and Reseal

The paint on your fence may help you achieve your desired color theme on your property, but it also acts as an essential water repellent. If you notice that your water no longer flows down on your fence but rather soaks in, it is time to repaint and reseal. The best time for this will be after you clean your fence, with the ideal waiting period after a week. Let it dry completely, and then repaint or reseal it.

For more information on how to keep your wood fence looking new all year long, consider reaching out to professionals for assistance.