How Long Does a Fence Installation Take?

fence installation

Installing a fence is a great way to improve your yard. In addition to improving your property’s appearance and keeping your yard safe and private, a fence can increase your home’s value by $1,500 to $5,000, according to Home Advisor. If you’re thinking of adding a fence to your yard, here are the factors that determine how long the fence installation process will take.

Yard Size

The larger your yard is, the more fencing will need to be installed. As you can probably guess, a larger fence will take more time to install than a smaller one, so if you have a big yard, expect your project to take a little longer.


Different designs and fencing materials come with different levels of complexity to install. A fence with intricate woodwork, for example, will take a longer time to install because it requires more work on the fence contractor’s part.


The condition of your yard will play a role in how easy or difficult it is for a fence company to do its job. Fence installation requires a contractor to dig into the ground, and if they find rocks or roots that need to be removed, this will add more time to the installation process.


Inclement weather can make it unsafe for fence installation professionals to work on a yard. If a storm occurs, they may need to delay the start time for installation or take a break if they have already started working.

Shipping Time

If the fencing materials you need are already in stock when you place your order, the fence installation company should be able to start the job fairly quickly. However, they may need to place a special order for certain materials, and these may take some time to arrive.


No matter how responsive a fence company is, sometimes it’s impossible to get an appointment for a fence installation right away. Certain times of year are busier than others, and if the company has too many other clients to attend to, you may need to wait a bit for your project to begin.

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