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How a Fenced-In Yard Can Keep Your Children Safe


There’s no denying that residential fencing can increase the value of your property. But it can also provide improved security and help your family stay safe. If you have young children, you’ll understand just how important this added protection can be. Let’s take a look at just some of the ways that home fencing can keep your children safe and some of the best options for fence installation in Tampa for families.

How Fencing Solutions Can Keep Kids Safe

Having a fence in your front yard or backyard can safeguard your property and your family members from harm. For one thing, a fence can deter unwelcome visitors from stepping foot onto your property. This physical barrier can make intruders think twice, which inherently gives your home and your loved ones an added layer of protection.

A fence can also keep children from wandering away from your property; while you should always accompany your children if they’re playing outside, the reality is that you can’t be everywhere at once. If you live close to a busy road or other potential hazards, a fence can ensure your young children don’t endanger themselves if they manage to wander from your sight for a few seconds.

Keep in mind that fencing can also be used to restrict access to other areas of your yard, such as an area with a pool. Since young children can easily drown in only a very small amount of water, it’s important to protect your kids by ensuring they’re unable to access your residential pool unsupervised. In many cases, a pool fence will actually be required by law and will protect you from liability (if, say, another child from the neighborhood was able to easily gain access to the pool).

Kid-Friendly Fence Types to Consider

In every case, residential fencing can help you reduce risks and keep your loved ones safe while adding aesthetic value. But are there certain types of fences that are better for households with kids? In some cases, the answer may be yes.

Although solid wood fences can reduce wind flow by as much as 50% and provide a visual appeal that many homeowners love, it’s important to consider the amount of upkeep that may be involved. Over time, wooden fences may splinter and pose a safety hazard to kids. However, as long as repairs are made in a timely manner and regular maintenance is performed, there’s no reason to dismiss the idea of a wood fence. Wire fences may break off in places over the years, which can easily cause injury. It may be a better idea to consider a vinyl or aluminum fence instead, as these smooth, strong, and steady options will maintain their condition for years. You may also want to consider installing a taller fence (provided it’s allowed by law) if you’re concerned about animal activity. And if you include a gate, make sure the latch is easily observed but isn’t overly simple to open. For the safety of your kids, it’s best if neither they nor a stranger would be able to open the gate without effort.

With all of this information in mind, you’re now in a great position to pick the right fence for your family. For more on the residential fence options we offer, please contact us today.