Choosing the Right Fence for a Backyard Oasis

Fence Contractor

It’s time to take your backyard to the next level with a fence. A fence can be used for more than just keeping out unwanted guests. It can also be used as an extension of your exterior design or even as a decorative feature in itself. Regardless of your style, there is a fence for you.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right fence for your backyard project.

What Materials Would You Prefer?

Wood, aluminum, chain link, or vinyl are all popular choices for a backyard fence. Wood is an obvious choice because it can be stained any color to match your home or yard. Also, natural wood can add warmth and welcome guests into your backyard oasis. Aluminum fencing is also very appealing, with different styles and textures that come in various colors. Chain link fencing is also popular because it can be customized to look like other types of fences. Vinyl fences are becoming very popular because they do not need maintenance and come in great colors or styles. They are basically the easy choice for a backyard fence.

What Height Would Work Best for Your Needs?

Height is important when you’re choosing a fence for your backyard. It all comes down to property lines and what you can get away with. The standard height for a fence is around four to six feet, but there are many other choices. If you want to block out neighbors or busy streets close by, then go with something taller. If you only want to keep out small children or pets, then a standard 4-5 feet would be perfect.

How Long Do You Want the Fence to Run?

If you have an odd-shaped yard to cover, you’ll need to consider this when choosing your fence. There are many different styles of fences that can help you shape your backyard oasis, so it fits your space perfectly. A good example of this is a fence that runs along the side of your home or property for privacy. There are also different types of fencing materials to choose from, so you can have something run all around your yard.

What Backdrop Are You Looking to Achieve?

If you are looking to add a decorative feature or have your yard convey style, then pick something with spacing between each panel, so the fence design is visible from the inside. However, your fence contractor can advise on this further since they have the requisite experience.

Time to Hire a Fence Contractor

Fences can be an easy way to improve your backyard oasis, as well as the value of your home. In fact, when done correctly, landscaping can boost the resale value of your property by up to 14%. When you have a fence installed by a fence contractor, you can rest assured that they will provide excellent service and top-notch fence materials.