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4 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for a New Dog

Adopting a new dog into the family is a fun and exciting experience. But before you can bring your new furry friend home, it’s important to make sure that both your indoors and outdoors are dog-friendly.

Here are four ways you can prepare your yard for your new four-legged family member.

  1. Install a fence. If your yard doesn’t yet have a fence, it may be a good idea to contact your local fence company. Fences help to keep your dog safe and secure in your yard so they don’t run off and get hurt or lost. Fences also add to your home’s curb appeal and landscaping, which can add as much as 14% to the resale value of your home. Just make sure that the fence you install is also dog-friendly. Wooden fences are the preferred fence type with vinyl fences following close behind.
  2. Cut the grass. It’s important to keep your lawn well-manicured if you plan on getting a dog. Tall grasses provide a home for ticks and fleas, which can jump from the grass onto your dog’s fur. Of course, you always want to have flea and tick medication on hand just in case, but prevention is key. Cutting grass also makes it easier to clean up your dog’s waste.
  3. Block off certain areas. There might be certain areas around your yard that you don’t want your dog to access such as the garden. To keep your dog away from these spaces, consider setting up a barrier. Once your dog is home, you can start to train them so they not to pass that barrier. This can help to keep your garden safe from digging.
  4. Clear away any backyard tools. If you keep yard equipment or gardening tools in your backyard, it’s important to make sure they’re properly cleaned up and stored away. The last thing you want is your dog accidentally stepping on something sharp and hurting themselves. Putting tools and equipment away also ensures that your equipment is safe from curious puppy teeth.

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