3 Tips to Follow When Choosing a Reputable Fence Company

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Roughly 270,500 Americans work in the fencing industry, with good reason. According to U.S. zoning committee experts, approximately 80% to 90% of applications that they receive are for privacy fences.

Privacy isn’t the only reason that homeowners are interested in fencing, however. Quality landscaping, which includes fencing, can increase your home’s resale value by up to 14%. After your fence is installed, you can look forward to a 65% return on your investment. In addition, families with young children gain peace of mind knowing that their kids are protected by fencing around their property or pool area.

Choosing the right fencing professionals to do the work is crucial when you want the job done well. Here are three tips for spotting a dependable fence company.

1. Go Fence-Hunting

To advertise their work, fence installation companies will usually nail a company badge onto fences they’ve completed. Take a look around your neighborhood, and if you see a fence that catches your eye, make a note of the builder that installed it.

If there’s no visible badge, and the fence appears to be fairly new, you might try asking the owner who did the work for them.

2. Get Several Price Estimates

Fortunately, getting estimates from fence contractors is much less time-consuming than getting estimates for highly specialized interior work. That’s because top representatives in this business are usually very flexible and ready to quickly book an appointment that fits your schedule. Some reps can even stop by your home and create an estimate when you aren’t there, since it’s an outdoor project.

3. Ask the Important Questions

In your communications with possible fence providers, you should prepare to ask some important questions. These might include:

Will the company obtain the necessary permits? In some areas, permission from your local government agency is required in order to begin work and an inspector must approve the finished work to close the permit out. The right fence contractor will also be knowledgeable about zoning regulations affecting the construction of fences.

Will they call the local utility locator for you so that they can determine the exact location of any underground lines? If this will this be your responsibility, it’s best to know that upfront.

How will they handle any slopes that your property may have? When slopes are present, the fence may be contoured, vary in height, or have triangular spaces (stepping) under it. Bear in mind that stepping could be an issue if you’re a pet owner because your furry friend could escape.

What is included in the total project cost? Ask about gates and their associated hardware. If there are rocks or trees present on your property, that could be a hindrance to fencing and also affect the total project cost. Ask about the type of warranty the company offers, as well. Does it cover materials as well as labor? A great fence company should also offer a long-term warranty of no less than three years.

What is their estimated timeline? Fence contractors are generally backlogged during spring and summer, so it may be a while before they can take on your project. Once work starts, will they work steadily with a decent-sized crew, or will they work periodically over a series of days or weeks?

A reputable fencing contractor will be able to answer these and any other questions you may have.

Once you’ve done your homework using these guidelines, you’ll have a vision of the exact type of fencing you require, and you’ll also have a dependable fence company ready to get the job done for you.