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3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Privacy Fence

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There are a lot of benefits to installing a privacy fence on your property. Of all of the different fence types available, this is perhaps one of the most beneficial. A privacy fence can prevent nosy neighbors from looking into your yard. For that matter, it can discourage burglars from breaking into your house, as tall fencing tends to make it harder for them to escape from the back of your house. A good privacy fence can help contain your dogs safely in the backyard, and you’ll feel much safer letting your kids play outside if their privacy is protected.

With that being said, installing a privacy fence requires a bit more thought than simply deciding that you need one and moving forward. For one thing, expert installation is key. You can’t simply install a privacy fence on your own. For another, not all privacy fences are created equal, and you need to consider some factors before you move forward with selecting fencing professionals and the types of materials that you use. Let’s look into some of the factors you should consider when having a privacy fence installed.

1. Fencing Materials

There are multiple reasons why you need to work with professional fencing contractors rather than attempting to have amateurs install your fence. Only fencing professionals can offer multiple options in terms of fencing materials. Different materials will come at different prices, as well as with different advantages. Before moving forward with the expert installation of your privacy fence, you should weigh the pros and cons of each material.

Wood is one of the most common types of materials used for privacy fences. It’s rather classic and attractive, and it’s actually one of the cheaper materials available. Cedar, teak, and redwood are particularly durable, and cedar is especially attractive. Bamboo fencing has grown in popularity recently due to the fact that bamboo trees grow so quickly. Wood can also be pressure treated in order to increase its durability and to prevent it from being affected by bugs. Other materials you should consider include metal, which is obviously impervious to rot though not rust, composite which is is made of wood and plastic fibers, vinyl which is strong and flexible but more expensive, and more rare materials like stucco and stone. All have their benefits and disadvantages, and all should be properly considered before you pursue fencing solutions.

2. Height

One of the most important aspects of the expert installation of privacy fences is the height of the fence. Obviously, the height of the fence affects how effectively it works as a privacy fence. Generally speaking, privacy fences are at least five feet tall and come with the option to have an open or closed design, which we’ll discuss further below. Some homeowners prefer taller fences.

The height of your fence should be considered in relation to whether or not it’s being built on a slope. If your yard slopes downwards and your neighbors live in a two-story home on higher ground, it can be easy for them to overlook your fence when they’re looking out a window or off a deck. In this case, a seven or eight foot fence may be a better option. If a fence is too high, however, it can be difficult for an expert installation to be properly executed.

3. An Open or Closed Design

Open and closed designs are two of the more common designs offered by fencing professionals. An open design will space out the fence posts, which means that there will be gaps through which people can see. Though this is typical of many backyard fences, it can defeat the purpose of a privacy fence.

If a closed design fence is used, the posts will be more tightly packed together. This prevents people from looking into your yard and additionally can act as a buffer for the wind.

Privacy fences can not only increase your privacy but the value of your home as well. You should have your privacy fence installed as soon as possible. You’ll feel more comfortable and have an attractive addition to your property!